Culture…. :)

I am part of the dance culture. I started dance at the age of 4. My first studio was at Amy Peel Dance Ave. in Des Moines. I was there from the age of 4 to 3rd grade. Just at that studio I was in 50 dance! So you can say dance is my life.  Now I am at my second  studio Charlee’s Elite School of Dance. I love it there. I have taken pointe,ballet,jazz,tap,hip -hop,lyrical,modern,tumbling,ABT. I am on the competition team, I have been on that at both studios starting at the age of 4 . Competition team is when you go to a competition ( like at Hy Vee Hall ) then you compete against other studios. SO there are tons of different category, type of dance and age is how they split them up. Then when your age group is done you will have an awards show and you get trophies and metals and ribbons . It just depends on how good you do . I love the girls I dance with . They are my second family . I am with them at least 4 to 5 days and from right after school until late. But this year I am hurt so i am unable to dance this year which is really killing me because I can’t dance!! Dance is my life I don’t know what I would do without it!!!! I plan on dancing all the way through high school and maybe in college.

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  1. Great blog. Your injury story shows that you truly are a part of the dance culture. As you are sort of denied your culture and it hurts. Just like someone gets denied the rights of their gender culture, race culture, etc….it hurts. Good job. 20/20.

    Not sure why it happened, but the period on several of your sentences is spaced out from the actual sentence. Watch for that.

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